RE: Friday miscellany

1. I'll be at the 3rd Annual Field's End Writer's Conference tomorrow. Hope to see you there! The weather looks positively lovely (for a change; it's been crazy and uncomfortable this whole spring).

2. Dmitri Nabokov has finally decided to publish his father Vlad's final manuscript, Laura, even though Dad wanted it destroyed. Wow. I heard he made the decision after running into an apparition of the family patriarch.

3. Two major Caribbean litterauteurs recently passed: EA (Archie) Markham (Guyana) and Aimee Cesaire (French Martinique). Markham's got a new book coming out and the fab Caribbean publisher, Peepal Tree Press, is helping to put together a fitting memorial for the well-loved writer. Cesaire, for those who don't already know, was the famed Father of Negritude and one of the most important and cherished voices of our times. Both amazing talents will be missed.

4. Seth Godin's "Write Like a Blogger" post is great advice for writers who, well, blog already. (If you don't, you should, is all I'm saying.) If you don't blog, then much of what Godin suggests probably won't make a heap lot of sense, but go there and read the entry anyway.

5. I wish I could travel to the Czech Republic in the next month. Borges and Kafka will be celebrated and compared in a month-long event organized by the Franz Kafka Society. How cool that will be!

6. You do know that books all around the world are being scanned for preservation, right? Learn more here; it's pretty fascinating.

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vog said...

Archie is from Montserrat