I need your help at the House

Dear writing culture friends and arts/humanities supporters,

I'm writing to ask you to sponsor me as I raise money to support Seattle's longtime literary and writers' community, The Richard Hugo House.

The Richard Hugo House was created in 1996 to serve as a central hub for writers and readers in Seattle to meet to build audiences for new work. Its membership numbers have swelled over the last 12 years to meet that need and their vision has expanded to include Hugo in the Prisons, Writing in the Schools (WITS), a new expansion of workshops for young writers, and programs for developing creative writing instructors.

The House is operated by a large body of volunteers and a very small staff of hard-working, dedicated people. I have been a member of and volunteer for the House for over five years now and can credit my own progress as a writer to their tremendous diversity of classes, hard-working staff, and commitment to their original vision: to support creative writing careers through a lifetime, to invest in essential work, to grow a teaching program for writers, and to build a vital community that is open and responsible, with programming that is both flexible and risk-taking.

But the House is so much more than that! Their special events, Capitol Hill facilities, residencies, and outreach initiatives have made the House one of the most inspiring writing communities in the US. You can learn more about The Richard Hugo House by clicking here.

Twice annually, they throw a necessary fundraiser called the Write-O-Rama. At this event, writers from all over Puget Sound converge at the House with their pledges and spend the day participating in free hour-long workshops (30 in total) offered by the creative writing teachers at the House. All participants have the opportunity to generate new writing, meet fellow writers, share their work, get to know the staff and, perhaps most importantly, to find new motivation to write. The most important thing to note is that, without this event, the House would not be able to continue to offer affordable workshops and the vast array of other educational and inspirational programming that are at the very core of any writer's life.

Hence my request: Would you be interested in sponsoring me for this year's Write-O-Rama?

The next fundraiser is slated for Saturday, June 7; I am already committed to spending the day at the House in a volunteer capacity, but I would love to bring in a few donations as well to show my support for this vital community.

Their goal this time is 100 donors, 100 dollars, but my goal is ridiculously simple: 10 donors, 10 dollars. If just ten of my friends could donate just ten dollars, I'd make my goal and be part of that larger equation.

Please consider sponsoring me (directions follow for online donations). I hope you'll join me in helping this thriving and necessary writer's community to continue doing good work for so many across the Puget Sound. I appreciate your consideration.
Tamara Kaye Sellman


It's easy to sponsor a friend to participate in Write-O-Rama online with your credit card. Here's how:
1. Click the “Donate Now through Network for Good” link below
2. Enter the amount you want to give–it is all tax deductible
3. Fill out your donation and privacy preferences
4. Under “Designation” type “Write-O-Rama”
5. Under “Dedication” type MY NAME (Tamara Sellman)
6. Fill out your credit card information as instructed
NOTE: You must make your online contribution by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 6 for it to count toward my total for Write-O-Rama (includes prizes and glory).

Thank you!

Donate Now through Network for Good

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Lesblogs said...

Thanks Tamara!! And for all your work. :) You rock!